Public Hearings for the 2017-2018 School Calendar:

Mar. 6 - North Marion High at 5:00 pm and Mar. 20 - Central Office at 5:00 pm

Kindergarten Registration at each individual school on March 31, 2017

Pre-K Registration on April 3-4 at Knights of Columbus.  You must call 304-367-2100 ext. 117 to make an appointment.

Parents:  Please start following the postings on the "Community Connections" subpage under the "Community" page.  We will be posting information from the community about activities and events you and your children may be interested in.  Next school year, we will no longer pass flyers out at school.  We will post them on the "Community Connections" subpage.

Welcome to Marion County Schools Web Page! We are proud to offer high quality education to the youth in our county. As you look at County Schools you will see a progressive attitude with a focus on education and using technology to enhance that focus. We are excited that you have decided to join us on this Web Page. The page was designed with you as a patron in mind. As you review these sites please feel free to comment on how we can improve our information for the community. We are excited that you will take part in helping us prepare the future of our community. My office is located at 1516 Mary Lou Retton Drive in Fairmont. (Appointments suggested by calling 304-367-2100).

You can also contact me by email at gprice@k12.wv.us. Thank you once more for visiting our website.